About US

My website name is statuspublic.com. I am the founder of this website. This website is made for status and wishing images. The aim of this website is to provide status to the people and to provide Happy Birthday Images and Ringtones.

Nowadays we want to put services which are not on the Internet in front of people. If you do some internet foot search, then we keep the order to offer our services to you.

Recently we have many competitors but we also want to provide many good services to them. See our website search first, this is our mission.

statuspublic.com has video status, wishing images, happy birthday images, ringtones, quotes, many sources. Which you can get easily from this website

In the 21st century, all opportunities are found in the Internet or digital media, all competing for each other to attract the attention of 3.58 billion active Internet users to your quality content, products and services.

Your goal is to create a platform where you will get the best results from our experience and learning from various sources, so that you can overcome fraud and wrong ideas.

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